Classroom Courses…

On the day of class will I receive a certificate?
As of 2013, we no longer issue certificates. We upload your credits directly to the Real Estate Commission within 7-10 business days after completion of the class. Once credits have been uploaded to the Commission, we will then send you a notification email. You should also receive notification emails from the Commission for each course submission as well.

When I take one of your Maryland classes, is the credit good toward any other state?
Yes, for elective credit only in VA and DC. If you wish to apply your Maryland credit to VA or DC as elective credit, ask the registrar for the appropriate form on the day of the class. Note: There is a $15 processing fee for each course you wish to apply to a different jurisdiction.

Are there any other classes available other than what is listed on your printed schedule?
No, however, you can check back on the website for any new course offerings that may become available.

Can I sign up at the door?
Yes. Arrive early and you can sign up at the door for an additional $10 for the day/class. We only accept cash or MasterCard or VISA. Ask the registrar for the required form.

Will I be admitted to class if I am running late?
No. Once class has begun, no one will be admitted.

Online Courses…

How do I enroll in the online courses?
From the Online courses page, click either Maryland or Virginia. You will see the list of courses available for purchase. Click on the title of the course then from that page click “add to cart”. You can checkout from there and access your class by filling out the registration form and providing credit card information.

What do the online classes consist of?
Units of reading material relevant to the subject, followed by a unit test at the end. Once you have completed all of the units and unit tests, you will take a final exam which you must pass with a 70% or better.

If I don’t pass the final exam, can I take the test again?
If you don’t score a 70% or better, you can retake the exam as many times as necessary to pass within a one year period.

When do I get my certificate?
As of 2013, we no longer issue certificates. Once we receive your student affidavit, we will upload your credits directly to the Real Estate Commission within 7-10 business days. Then we send you a notification via email.

Who do I call if I have technical difficulties?
RE CAMPUS technical support 888-213-5124

The CE Shop technical support 888-827-0777

What if there is a problem processing my credit card when I purchase the class, or any other billing issue?
Call us at 888-988-3100

What if I decide I want to cancel and get a refund?
If you did not begin the course and request a refund within 5 days of purchase, you can receive a refund less a $15.00 administrative fee. If you have already begun the courses, we will calculate a refund amount accordingly.

DC Classroom Course Credits…

Why is there a $15 processing fee for elective credits?
This fee allows students to receive credit from additional jurisdictions for a minimal fee. We provide this additional service to our students by processing student information for the DC RE Commission and issuing a DC Certificate. The DC RE Commission previously handled the credit processing, but now requires us to do it.

Can I take all 15 hours of the DC requirements in one day with REI?
No. You will need to take the 9 hour day of mandatory courses, and then on another day take 6 Maryland hours which you can apply to DC as elective credit.   See classroom schedule.

If I take the 9 hour day of DC mandatory credits for $150, what does that include?
You will receive 3 DC certificates and electronic processing of your credits to DC through Promissor.

If I need 6 elective credits and take Maryland courses with Real Estate Institute, how do the credits get processed to DC?
When you take a Maryland class with REI, a Maryland certificate only is included with your tuition. This does not include DC credit of any kind. To process your Maryland credit to DC and create a DC certificate, you will need to fill out a DC Processing form on the day of class including your DC license number and $15 per class processing fee.

Can I take my DC credits online?
Yes, our online courses are approved for other states. See the “Online CE – Other States” tab.

Miscellaneous Information…

Contact information:
Email: realinst@aol.com

Phone: 888-988-3100
Fax: 410-819-0002
Mailing Address: 300 Talbot St., Easton, MD 21601-8952

In case of inclement weather:
Call 888-988-3100 and our message will be updated with more information.